To Costco or Not Costco?

Making a decision to shop at a Costco, Sams Club or any bulk buying club should be made carefully. Are you a shopper who can control their spending, limit their impulse buying? If not a Costco may not be right for you.

The owners of Costco spend millions in marketing magic to get shoppers to buy things they may not normally buy at a warehouse, tvs clothing, books. Yes, books. Sams Club sells more top listed books than some of the larger book sellers, like Barnes and Nobel.

Also, when buying in bulk you need to REALLY think about how much salsa you use. If the gallon sized salsa will go bad before you have used it up, despite it being only $2.99 you will end up wasting it and thereby making it a not so good buy.

Think seriously about buying a food saver when buying in bulk. When you get home, put the crew to work breaking down the bulk meats, cheeses and others into usable quantities, then freeze or store until ready to use. Buy buying meats when on sale, in the bulk pack, we have saved over $1500 in 2016 in the Zorkler family. Putting your foods into meal sized portions insures easy access for a quick dinner, just the right amount, fresh frozen appearance and good flavor since its not freezer burned.

Even if you don’t shop at a bulk retailer, look in your own grocers for the bulk or family packs buy when on sale and you will immediately begin to see savings pile up.

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