How To Buy and Care for Your Bed Linens

Bed linens are part of our everyday lives. Some, change their sheets daily, or weekly, others, not so much.

Investing in high quality linens is worth it, if, you take care of them. Quality linens last for years. Instead of buying new sheets every year or two, buying a few good sets may last you the rest of your life.

Start with a well-known brand, Scheuer Linens is one. Buy as high of a thread count as you can afford. Second, buy as many sets as you can afford. I like to keep a minimum of 3 sets per bed. Third, buy a plain white or neutral color. I know you might be tempted to buy one of the fabulous textures or colors but unless you’re absolutely sure that you will still love teal in 15 years, stick with a neutral color.

Change your sheets weekly at minimum, or twice per week. Wash sheets, alone one set per wash load in lukewarm water (never hot), use a good quality soap for linens, use fabric softeners minimally or, not at all. Put in a few drops of lavender water in the rinse cycle.

Dry sheets well, fold and store in a cool, dry closet or drawer until needed.

Nothing ends a day better than slipping into a well made, freshly cleaned bed. Spoil yourself and enjoy a fresh made bed more often with the steps above.

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